Precision Plus Series Pipettor

Innovative, Easy to use, Advanced Benchtop Pipettor
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The Precision Plus Series Pipettor

the precision Plus series pipettor is a universal pipettor allowing you to use your preferred tip 

Our pipet header works with any size, style, and brand.  

Precision Plus Series Pipettor Features

For use with Universal Tips

300 ul  volume capacity

Enhanced motor control for acceleration and deceleration

Six pipetting speeds and custom speed control settings

Ergonomic large comfortable handle grip

Improved programmability by adding extra commands and 4x memory

Compact, will easily fit into a fume hood

Lightweight, only 22 pounds

Two year warranty

LED Lighting- dimmable directly over pipette tips

Dispense & Aspirate

Easily move the pipette head with a light touch on the handle.

Tip Loading & Eject

Large over-molded handle provides a comfortable grip while picking up tips. Easily load a 96 rack of tips with minimal effort. Automatic motor powered tip eject.

Control Panel

Large embossed intuitive keypad buttons. Center knob rotates easily to dial in volumes and make menu selections.

Precision Series Pipettor Plus Video Library

Precision Series Pipettor Plus Specifications

Overall Dimensions 16.6” (H) x 18.0” (L) x 10.0” (W) 420mm (H) x 458mm (L) x 254mm (W)

Main Power Supply 100-240 V | 47-63Hz | 1.4 A Max

Input Voltage 24 VDC | 2.7 A | 65 Watts

Operating Conditions, Indoor 50-102 F | 10-40C | 85% RH condensing

Compliance CE, UL & CSA |EN61010-1-NRTL

Weight 22 lbs | 10 Kg

Plates,Rack Any SBS Footprint, 96 or 384 well

300 uL Pipetting Head Model

Catalog # PLUS-300

Dispensing Volume 5-300 uL

Dispensing Resolution Slow-knob rotation | 1 uL    Fast-knob rotation | 10 uL

Dispensing Precision 25-250 uL | <3% 5-24 uL | <5%

Dispensing Accuracy 5-250 uL | +/- 3%

Speed 6 Preset Speeds 1-150 uL/second

25 uL Pipetting Head Model

Catalog# PLUS-25

Dispensing Volume 1.0-25.0 uL

Dispensing Resolution Slow-knob rotation | 0.1 uL Fast-knob rotation | 1.0 uL

Dispensing Precision 5.0-25.0 uL | <3% 1.0-4.9 uL | <5%

Dispensing Accuracy 5.0-25.0 uL | +/- 3% 1.0-4.9 uL | +/- 3%

Speed 6 Preset Speeds 0.1-10 uL/second

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384 EZ Tray Adaptor for Precision Series Pipettors

Populate 384 well plates with a 96 channel pipettor using this “Easy Tray” adaptor.


The Precision Series Pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats.

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