Precision Series Pipettor

The Precision Series Pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats.
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The Precision Series Pipettor

The Precision Series Pipettor is an intuitive multichannel pipettor capable of 96 and 384 well formats.

Plate stamping, plate reformatting, mixing, and serial dilute have never been so easy and quick.

Precision Series Pipettor Features

  • Intuitive—Pipettors should not be complicated to use. Walk up to the Precision Series Pipettor with one hand behind you back and begin using it. The control panel buttons and rotary knob can all be used without removing your hand from the handle, all with a few fingers. The display will show you what is happening.
  • Multichannel—96 individual air displacement channels assure the best accuracy and precision. Each instrument comes with a certificate of performance showing actual values achieved in all channels before shipment.
  • A 384 Plate Adaptor is available to quickly populate a 384 well tray. Simply rotate the knob in the front from the number 1 to number 2, then 3 and 4 to complete the 96 to 384 formatting. No need to touch the 384 plate during this process.
  • Three Stations accommodate most tasks, easily. The pipetting head self-centers itself over each station, there is no guess work required in aligning the tips with the well below.
  • Balanced Motion—Lowering the tips into a plate is effortless, it can be done with one finger, the same goes for lifting the head and moving horizontally to and from each station.
  • Portable — Only 20 pounds with handles and features to secure head motion for easy transportation to your desired workplace. Put it under a hood or bring to other lab areas and locations. There is no need to bring your work to the pipettor, rather bring the pipettor to your work.

Control with Options

Through the “menu” button on the front control panel:

  • Custom Mixing Program Option Just press the mix button and follow the prompts.
  • Program Option Create and store your most common applications. Use pauses, beeps, display messages, or change speeds on the fly.
  • Change Speeds For normal aspirate and dispensing through the control panel.

Two Year Warranty

Two years warranty covers parts and labor. All work is performed at the same location where the instrument is manufactured. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Extended Maintenance Available

Extended Maintenance Contracts available upon request. Pick from a handful of options or create one for yourself. All work is done in a NIST standard lab with trained technicians at the manufacturing site.

Precision Series Pipettor Specifications

Overall Dimensions 16.5” (H) x 18.0” (L) x 10.0” (W) | 420mm (H) x 458mm (L) x 254mm (W)

Main Power Supply 100-240 V | 47-63Hz | 1.4 A Max

Input Voltage 24 VDC | 2.7 A | 65 Watts

Operating Conditions, Indoor 50-102 F | 10-40C | 85% RH condensing

Compliance CE, UL & CSA | EN61010-1-NRTL

Weight 20 lbs | 9.0 Kg

Plates,Rack Any SBS Footprint, 96 or 384 well


Product & Service Information

250 uL Pipetting Head Model

Dispensing Volume 5-250 uL

Dispensing Resolution Slow-knob rotation | 1 uL    Fast-knob rotation | 10 uL

Dispensing Precision 25-250 uL | <3% 5-24 uL | <5%

Dispensing Accuracy 5-250 uL | +/- 3%

Speed: Slow 13 uL/second

Speed: Normal 62 uL/second

Speed: Slow 78 uL/second

20 uL Pipetting Head Model

Dispensing Volume 1.0-20.0 uL

Dispensing Resolution Slow-knob rotation | 0.1 uL Fast-knob rotation | 1.0 uL

Dispensing Precision 5.0-20.0 uL | <3% 1.0-4.9 uL | <5%

Dispensing Accuracy 5.0-20.0 uL | +/- 3% 1.0-4.9 uL | +/- 3%

Speed: Slow 0.95 uL/second

Speed: Normal 5.0 uL/second

Speed: Fast 6.3 uL/second

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The Precision Plus Series Pipettor is a universal pipettor allowing you to use your preferred tip. 

384 EZ Tray Adaptor for Precision Series Pipettors

Populate 384 well plates with a 96 channel pipettor using this “Easy Tray” adaptor.

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